Is Your Procrastination a Fear?
                                                                                      By MJ Schrader
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Have you ever dreaded something that you delayed and delayed, and finally just had to do it? Then the
experience that you dreaded wasn't nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be?

Why does that happen?

This feeling of dread is actually fear. Fear is common problem; however, when you let fear run what you
do, things do not get done. Your dread that it is going to take a long time or it is a lot of work tends to
actually make the task that much longer. Instead of being able to get done and enjoying some other
activity after you spent your time dreading it until you have no extra time.

How long do you allow dread to delay you?

Sometimes you spend as much or more time dreading a task than actually doing it. Now rather than get it
done and have fun, you must continue to work because you have delayed the task to the last minute. Now
rather than have a bit of extra time to do a good job you are in a rush to make certain it gets done on time.

What is the benefit of procrastination?

Next time you dread something, ask yourself what benefit does it give me to dread it? What benefit does
it give me to delay? One answer may be obvious yet that may not be the real problem. Think about the
answer you have then ask yourself why.

What is an example?

Maybe you delay doing your exercises each day. Maybe you say that you do not like driving to the club in
the evening. But you can ask yourself why you dread the drive. You may find that you do not like getting to
the club in the dark. Perhaps you can change when you go or create a routine at home that will benefit you
without the drive. Maybe you can get someone to go with you so you feel more comfortable there.

Are there alternatives?

There are many things you can do to change how you feel. You can look for alternative solutions to things
you do not want to do. Perhaps you trade out tasks you dislike with someone who loves them but dislikes
another. Maybe when you discover why you delay you can find another answer that will help you. If there is
no reason, then find an incentive or punishment that will push you into activity and prevent delay. You are
the only one who can push yourself into success by pushing yourself into action.

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