Five Frugal Ways To Beat The January Blues
By Kerry Hook

As the holidays draw to a close, the lights get boxed up, and everyone returns home, many people sink into a funk as January unfolds.  
Bills may be piling up leaving you depressed, but there are some frugal ways that you can beat the January blues and even enjoy the

First, get all your Christmas photos organized.  Reminiscing about all the fun times you had over the holidays can help smooth over the
sense of loss when everyone scatters back across the country to their homes.  Print off or get developed the very best ones and put them
up where you will see them every day.  Places like the refrigerator or your nightstand are great locations to put these pictures of your
loved ones.  Share them electronically so that others can enjoy them and share the memories.  This will help you stay in touch with those
relatives that have moved far away.  Fond recollections are a nice way to help ease the transition to the dark days of January.

Future planning is the second way to beat the January blues.  When we look to the future with hope and excitement, staying blue
becomes very difficult indeed.  Take the time to research a trip and find those great deals.  Imagining yourself in exciting new places is
easier than ever because the Internet has many tourist sites and photos of exotic places.  Getting some information sent to you free of
charge will give you something to really look forward to.

A third great way to get out of a funk is to think about others – especially the less fortunate.  You can help yourself by volunteering to help
others.  There are many different places where you can volunteer that will help you get your thoughts off yourself and onto what a
difference you can make in the lives of others.   Take the time to find a good volunteer job and it will reward you all year long.

A fourth frugal way to beat the January blues is to stay in touch with family and friends.  Make a point to plan get- togethers more
frequently than usual.  A pot luck dinner and game night is an easy affordable way to stay in touch with others and create your own
merriment.  Socializing is a key element to our happiness so during the colder months when it tempting to socialize less, we should really
do more of it.  You’ll find it is an easy way to lift your spirits.

Finally, a wonderful way to lift your spirits is to improve your surroundings.  January is a good month for spring cleaning.  Organizing your
clutter is just the beginning and as luck would have it, most stores have sales on containers in late December and early January to help
you get organized.  This makes the timing perfect for your budget!    Look around your home for minor repairs that need to be done and
finish those old home improvement projects because these things will also go a long way to making you feel happier in your home.  And
for a no cost way to improve your surroundings and lift your spirits, try re-arranging your furniture.  

A pro-active approach to beating the January blues will help you get through the dark, cold days of winter and launch you into February
with a spring in your step and it doesn’t have to cost a lot at all!
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