The Power of Grapefruit Juice
by Suzanne Lieurance

A frosty glass of grapefruit juice seems like
such a healthy way to start the day. And, for
many people, it is. But if you take daily
medications and wash them down with a
morning glass of grapefruit juice, this might
not be such "a good thing."

According to a spokesperson for Baptist-
Lutheran Medical Center in Kansas City,
Missouri, grapefruit juice "effects enzymes in
the liver where drugs are metabolized. As a
result, grapefruit juice can boost or diminish
the concentration of a drug in the body,
strengthening or weakening its effects. For
instance, grapefruit juice could increase the
effectiveness of certain blood pressure-
lowering medications, and a patient’s blood
pressure could get too low and create

Grapefruit juice can also alter the effects of
certain cholesterol-lowering medications, blood
thinners, antibiotics, and some hormone

Not all medications are affected by grapefruit
juice. But just to be on the safe side, always
take your pills with a glass of water. Also, be
sure to read the printed information the
pharmacist gives you about the side effects,
warnings, and general instructions for your
particular medication.

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