Family Tree Maker Software
Reviewed  by Kay Cromwell

If you’ve spent any time at all on your family tree, you’ll see just how
quickly all that information adds up.  Keeping organized is one of the
biggest challenges for beginner and expert genealogists alike.   A good
software program, like Family Tree Maker from is a great
way to make organize all that data.  

While there are many genealogy software programs, I’m just going to look
at the most popular one in this article.  Since it’s from, you
know it’s backed by one of the top names in genealogy.  The 2011 edition
is close to $40.00 and can be found online with ease.

Of all the programs out there for genealogists, this one gets the best
reviews.  Some of the best features in Family Tree Maker that make it so
popular are its varied supplemental charts, timelines, and family trees.  But
another very popular feature is its multi-media ability.  You can easily
upload your own photographs, videos or audio clips to make your family
tree really spring to life.  Using and this software together
can really speed up your research process.  They’ve really worked
carefully to make sure that the software they designed is fully integrated
with their online research tools and their printing services.  It’s quite easy to
convert your family tree information into books, or beautiful posters.

The best way to use this software is to collect as much information as you
can before adding it to the program.  This will save you from having to
keep revisiting the same sections of your family as time goes on.  The types
of information that you can add for any one individual includes both the
essentials (date of birth/death, marriages, children, etc.) as well as points of
interest such as hobbies, work, accomplishments, etc.

I just love the interactive map feature which helps you see where any given
location is.  If you have relatives in an area of the country – or even a
foreign country, I think you will really like this feature too.

Sharing your family tree is especially easy with this software because it is
very easy to upload it to a personal website and share it with other family
members.  Sometimes this even results in previously unknown family
members “finding” you.  Wouldn’t that be exciting!

Of course, there are less expensive alternatives available online.  One of the
better ones is from My Heritage.  They offer a program that is also highly
rated by genealogists even though it doesn’t quite have all the features of
Family Tree Maker.  It’s easy to use, and easy to upload to the internet.  
You can also tag people in your photographs so that visitors to your tree
can see who people are.  

Whichever program you choose, I know you’ll enjoy working on your
family tree for years to come!

About Kay:  Kay has been researching her family tree ever since her niece
had a homework assignment more than a decade ago.  She’s traced her
family back to the 1600s and enjoyed every minute of it and believes that
you will too.  To learn more about genealogy software, please visit:
Tree Maker Software Reviewed

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