Family Tree Scrapbooking: Fun
Across The Generations!
                                    By Kay Cromwell
Genealogy can be fun with children if you involve them in your family
tree scrapbooking.  This is just the kind of activity that children can
really get into and learn a lot about your family’s unique history.  It’s
a way for them to learn without getting bombarded with names and
dates which can result in them losing interest altogether.

Scrapbooking is also a great way to present your family tree
because it can be passed around or giving, given as a gift or left on
the coffee table to share with interested guests.
The scrapbook serves the dual purpose of both protecting your
important pieces and presenting them in a handy way.  

Personally, I would make copies of very important documents so
that they can be cut and pasted without too much concern.  With
your copies and all the usual scrapbooking material in hand, you’ll
be ready to get started.  If not, then a quick trip to the craft store will
provide lots of great paper and accents that you can use to make
your scrapbook more decorative.  If you are selecting your
scrapbook, try to choose one that can hold a large amount of
information and that allows pages to be added with ease.  
Remember, your family tree will be growing over the years and
whoever inherits it, will want to be able to keep it updated.

Experienced scrapbookers know that you will want to give some
thought to the layout before you actually commit yourself to one.  
Start with the oldest pictures and documents and the names and
important dates for all the members of your family that you will
include in the scrapbook.  You will probably want to do just a few
individuals at a time if the kids are younger because their attention
span will be more limited.

Another thing to consider is if your scrapbook will be for just one
side of the family or both.  If your family is very large, it will be best
to break it up into at least two scrapbooks.  Next decide how far
back you will go.  Will you include great grandparents or only go as
far back as your grandparents?

Have on hand colorful markers and help the children label everything
properly.  Craft stores have a lot of fun things to help decorate each
page.  Kids will really enjoy all the colorful stickers and helping them
choose ones that seem to fit the personality of family members that
they know will help them see the unique personalities that they all

There may be family members that you have limited information
about, but don’t let that stop you.  Is there an old family story about
that person that can be transformed into a page with a combination
of the kid’s drawings or colorful stickers?  The types of hobbies they
had can be shown on the scrapbook page with many stickers from
the craft store.  Did they have a recipe that was “famous” within
your family?  Did they write poems or make interesting things that
can be added to your scrapbook?  How do your kids remember
them?  Any special memories that the children have of them that
would make a touching addition?

It’s easiest to make a single page dedicated to a particular individual
or couple.  Encourage the kids to call their favorite relatives and ask
them a bit about their past so they can come up with ideas on how
to best portray them.  Kids can add their touch by adding their own
comments about each person – perhaps their favorite memory of a
particular person.

A family tree scrapbook can be a great way to pass the time during
the winter months or on rainy days.  It is time well spent because of
all the memories your kids will have of putting it together and later
showing it off!

About Kay:  Kay has been researching her family tree ever since her
niece had a homework assignment more than a decade ago.  She’s
traced her family back to the 1600s and enjoyed every minute of it
and believes that you will too.  To learn more about family tree
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