So just who is
The Frugal

After you become a regular visitor here, you too will be
a Frugal Retiree, but for right now, you can consider The
Frugal Retiree as your personal team dedicated to
bringing you the very best of living on a budget.  Our
team is comprised of the Grouch, the Professor and the

About the Grouch:  Dubbed “The Grouch” by his grand-
daughter on a particularly grouchy day, our good
natured Grouch has a wealth of information on living
frugally.  The school of hard knocks has been a great
teacher!  He believes in saving on everyday necessities
so that you can live royally every day.  He will be
bringing you a free newsletter with fresh ideas on where
to find the very best deals.  The Grouch is Ray Freeman
and he can be reached at:

The Collaborators:  We've a few enthusiastic souls that
will be regular contributors here.  Our "Fun Facts" page
is the brain child of two very enthusiastic 10 year olds.  
The Horse Girl is Kelsey Hook, my niece and The
Bookworm is my daughter, Cooper Hook. We think that
you will enjoy their unbridled enthusiasm about obscure
and often bizarre facts.  Beverly Weber is the daughter
of The Grouch, a school teacher with some first hand
knowledge of the frugal life!  As you can see, it's become
a bit of a family affair and we welcome them aboard!  
Naturally, we welcome the contributions of others too,
so if you think that you have an article that would fit in
here, please drop us a line via the Contact Us button and
join our "family" of Collaborators.  (Our collaborators will
gladly accept fan mail at:

And finally the Researcher:  That’s me.  I’m very
dedicated to bringing you information about living and
playing well in retirement.  I currently do clinical trials
research on Alzheimer’s Disease, but I have done
studies on Major Depression in seniors.   I'll be putting
my research skills to work, hunting down the latest
information on health and wellness just for you.  I'm the
Resident Researcher, and my name is Kerry Hook.  You
can email me at:

Together we are The Frugal Retiree and we are all about
living well while making it on a limited budget.  Having
limited funds doesn't have to mean you’re poor.  We're
here to prove that poverty can be a just a state of mind
and that being frugal can be fun and quite fruitful.

Now tell us about you.  We would love to hear from
you.  Tell us what’s on your mind, what tips you have for
living well on a budget, , or what you would like to learn
more about.  

Tell us, and then tell a friend about our site.  
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